A few weeks ago I was asked by CheekyChicago.com to visit Prenatal Fit in Lincoln Park for a Fit’n’Pretty feature. Little did I know, the experience was far beyond that of only building content for my weekly fitness column.


Photo by: szefei. Shutterstock.com

As a single woman who’s never had kids, I felt slightly like a fish out of water walking in the door. But owner Adina Rosenberg warmly welcomed me in and immediately gave me a quick tour. The main studio was not unlike any other studio in a conventional gym. But as she led me into the yoga studio I saw that this would not be your average yoga class. Complete with handy, helpful aids like yoga blocks, blankets and bolsters, it was also easy to wonder how labor some pregnancy really was.

One by one, the moms-to-be filtered in. It was not hard to notice that I was the only one missing a baby bump. But I kept my cool explaining I was there to record the experience for an article. Even so, as we began class I found myself peeking over to these amazing women and couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to have a bundle of joy of my own. My daydream was disrupted when, like something you’d see in a Bridget Jones movie, the mom-to-be next to me whispered, “It’s really tough.” I carefully smiled.

PrenatalFit4Adina led us through a series of deep-breathing exercises, cat and cows and even a modified flow series. Mindful not to have the women lying flat on their backs or in any deep twisting motions, I learned just how limited things can get when you’re om’ing for two. Nevertheless, Adina had everyone covered and never once made anyone feel restricted. All the moves felt calming, opening and within everyone’s range of motion.

It was extremely eye-opening and I felt grateful to have experienced this with these women. While in savasana on my side with a bolster between my legs like the rest of the ladies, I peeked back over to the class. These women were remarkable not simply because they were with child, they were remarkable because they never stopped staying active. Everyday I strive to be the healthiest person possible. And now, I can see that when someday it’s my turn to have a child, I will have the motivation to keep at it and a community waiting there to help!

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