Photo by: Ammentorp Photography.

1)   Wake up five minutes earlier to do an abs workout.

2)   Save five minutes at the end of your day to stretch before bed.

3)   Buy a bigger water bottle.


Photo by: Abel Tumik.

4)   Add lemon or lemon juice to your water.

5)   Instead of grabbing whatever brand of gym socks you can find, choose ones with arch support.

6)   Add five minutes to your usual cardio machine time.

7)   Practice your yoga breath in the car.

8)   Wear your favorite gym clothes on hard workout days.

9)   Ask your fitness instructor/personal trainer/coach to push you harder.


Photo by:

10) Actually do your at-home physicatherapy exercises.

11) Make an appointment with your physician for your annual physical, even if nothing’s wrong.

12) Floss.

13) Skip the flower-scented body soap and buy Neutrogena’s Salicylic Soap. It clears body acne left by intense sweat-sessions.

14) Wipe down your equipment or machines before and after you use them.


Photo by: Galina Barskaya.

15) Take the stairs.

16) Skip the grocery cart and grab a basket. Why not  strength train while hunting for food?

17) Cook meals for the entire week on Sunday.

LarabarBunch18) Swap processed foods for organic, whole source choices.

19) Pack your gym bag, purse, jacket pockets and/or suitcase with healthy snacks like Larabar.

20) Wash your face when you wake up, after a workout and before you go to bed.


Photo by: Bonnin Studio.

21) Skip putting sugar in your coffee.

22) Add 1-2 minute cardio intervals in between circuit rounds.

23) Stand.


24) Say “no” to dessert and “yes” to fruit.


Photo by: Susan Montgomery.

25) Sign up for a 5k, 10k, marathon, or something off-the-wall like a Tough Mudder.

26) Buy cycling shoes.

27) Exfoliate your face and body once a week.

28) Work on grip strength.

29) Take a Divvy bike instead of your car or public transportation.

30) Look at the restaurant menu before you go so you have a healthy plan to stick to.


Photo by: Phil Date.

31) After cycling or running, work adductors (inner thigh) and abductors (outer thigh), to even out your legs.

32) Stay for the stretch in a fitness class…and then take another ten minutes that day to do more.

33) Adding turmeric to your dinner for anti-inflammatory properties.

34) Foam roll after every workout.

35) Acupuncture.



Photo by: Micha Klootwijk.

36) Work out hard, six days a week at most. Always take 1-2 days off and let it be ok!

37) Turn OFF your cell phone.

38) Walk 12,000 steps a day instead of the usual 10,000 suggested steps.

39) Write down every meal, snack, bite, sniff of food into a food journal like MyFitnessPal or Lose It!

camelbak40) Do the Stairclimber instead of the elliptical. Or the Stairclimber with weighted intervals.

41) Schedule your weekly workouts and send the schedule to a friend. Or make it social and post it on Facebook to hold yourself accountable!

42) Buy a Camelbak home water filter instead of drinking from the faucet.

43) Set a reminder to mail out birthday cards a week before the actual birth day.

44) Buy two pairs of gym shoes at a time. Alternate between each so the muscles in your feet don’t atrophy.


Photo by: Andresr.

45) Wear sunscreen…even in the winter.

46) Don’t be the last person in from a group run.

47) Do push-ups on your toes.

48) Don’t skip cocktail parties because you’re afraid they’ll ruin your diet. Resolve to make better choices while you’re there.

49) Never go three days without exercising.

50) Flash a smile to anyone you come in contact with. It could make someone’s day!




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