PFUFC1After last week’s kickass workout at Farrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping I definitely got the boxing fever! So this week I thought I would try a kickboxing class at UFC in River North.

Ready to rumble, I headed down to the basement gym and found a lot more than I had bargained for. There was an area of heavy bags, a few boxing rings, and a cardio and weight section. I was already super impressed with the extent of their equipment and gym space.  The cool vibe was very much like you would imagine a pro boxing gym to be. People hitting pads in the boxing ring, people jump roping and music pumping some wicked awesome rap music! I was so in!

Our instructor for the day was Fernando. His quick energy left little time to stand around. Even though it was often hard to understand him through the forest of heavy bags and over the music, his coaching was intense.

PFUFC2After a warm-up of lunges, jumping jacks and tuck jumps, we were at the bag laying out punches and kicks. I liked how he combined moves that weren’t just a basic two jabs, two crosses and two kicks. He’d have us do things like, two jabs, four jab-crosses, a knee, then two roundhouses on each side. Then we’d add on. Doing this keeps your mind and feet strong, alert and quick-just what you’d need if you were actually in the ring fighting.

After about fifteen minutes of punches and kicks, we moved on to some strength conditioning. We hit the ground for crunches, then up for burpees, two punches to the bag followed by two push-ups and then lunges. However tough that sounds, it went by incredibly fast and before I knew it, we were back at the bag.

PFUFC3The best part of the class was the kicks series and the stations he set up at the back half of class. What I really liked about the kicks series was the number, rate of speed and the intensity to which we hit the bag. I got into the groove rather quickly and was surprised at how much I really missed this type of a workout. The last conditioning section had us alternating between running around the entire gym, jump rope, throwing over-sized medicine balls down to the ground and walking lunges. The next day, my calves screamed with happy muscle soreness and I knew I had to go back!

Overall, this was the best cardio and strength workout I’ve tried since starting #TryFitWeekly! I highly recommend this class to anyone looking to add intensity!

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644 N. Orleans

Chicago, IL 60654


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