Every workout you do should be both mentally and physically challenging. Since your body should be actively changing every four to six weeks it’s absolutely imperative that you monitor the variety and intensity of each workout. It is based on this premise that I have created Try Fit Weekly Fit (#TryFitWeekly).

Each week I will try one new workout to complete, review and write about. The point of each review is not to become an informal Yelp, but instead to give you a firsthand account of my experience* trying new forms of training. Mixing up your training every week helps to combat boredom, helps you meet new people and keeps your body in a constant state of change. I want to encourage you to try your own Try Fit Weekly challenge and give me feedback based on your own experiences! Let’s get the ball rolling and watch our bodies change!

PFBareFeetSignNot a stranger to hot yoga, I was excited to hear about a new boutique-style hot yoga studio in the west loop. Thanks to a friendly Facebook shout out by Cheeky Chicago’s Jessica Zweig, I found myself adding Bare Feet Yoga to my #TryFitWeekly to-do list.

While I at first tried to make a Friday night class, the west loop traffic and Friday night parking prevented me from making it on time. But that didn’t deter me. I instead trekked into the winter cold to make the Saturday 12:30pm Power Hot Yoga class (90 degrees) with Robin. This class, jam-packed with inversions, core strengthening and crow-to-chaturanga-style power moves, seemed just the right dose of strengthening I was looking for.

Take two, I got there in no time and parking was a cinch. When I walked into this cozy single room studio, the heat grabbed at me like  
a warm jacket. The studio’s bright yellow and orange walls made mePFBareFeetChalk  
feel like I had walked out of Chicago and into a tropical paradise. Even the bathroom radiated playful energy  
with its chalkboard full of positive affirmations.

From the start of class, Robin’s optimistic nature made me feel welcome and ready to try new things. She instructed us to set an intention for the practice and then primed us for inversions with a series of core exercises. And then we were off! After a modest Sun A flow, we transitioned into Sun B, handstands, crow, side crows, side planks, headstands and moves I had never seen before!

PFBareFeetRobinThe poses were as mentally challenging as they were physically challenging. During a simple Goddess pose, she had us place our middle fingers to our thumbs for the mudra of patience. I laughed inside, as patience is something I have to practice every day. When it was time for savasanna (end of class resting pose), I had conflicting feels of longing to continue-yes, even beyond the 90-minute class and thoughts of, “This is the longest savasanna of my life.” Thankfully I remembered our patience mudra, refocused and then nearly fell into a short sleep like the softly-snoring yogi behind me. Class was just what I needed!

This particular Power Yoga class is open to everyone of all levels but I would recommend it to someone who has practiced yoga before. Also, first-timers have the option to purchase 30 days of yoga for just $30. Totally worth it!

Making a Comeback: YES    No    Maybe

1006 West Monroe Street
Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 624-8068
  1. Robin

    Thank you for this awesome review!!! I would love to have you back for class… I think you would love Rock Your Core.


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