PFDBGFrontDoorEvery workout you do should be both mentally and physically challenging. Since your body should be actively changing every four to six weeks it’s absolutely imperative that you monitor the variety and intensity of each workout. It is based on this premise that I have created Try Fit Weekly Fit (#TryFitWeekly).

Each week I will try one new workout to complete, review and write about. The point of each review is not to become an informal Yelp, but instead to give you a firsthand account of my experience* trying new forms of training. Mixing up your training every week helps to combat boredom, helps you meet new people and keeps your body in a constant state of change. I want to encourage you to try your own Try Fit Weekly challenge and give me feedback based on your own experiences! Let’s get the ball rolling and watch our bodies change!

PFDBGOrangeSignSometimes you pass by a gym every day and never know what kind of playground hides inside. For me, this was David Barton Gym’s in River North before I stopped in for a sweat.

Based out of New York, this club-like, artsy-themed gym attracts gym-goers of all sorts.  The dimly lit locker rooms were a little hard to get around in. But once I stepped onto the weight room floor I saw what a fabulous gym DBG is! The variety of weight and cardio machines definitely peaked my muscle interest. And the view of the Chicago river from the cardio deck was a nice change of pace from a cement wall  behind the row of TVs.

PFDBGRichardAs I perused the floor, I found my place in the main studio for Richard’s Rapid Fire interval-training class. Since classes here are taught by the personal training staff, I was curious to see how different the style would be to that of a fitness instructor. Enter Richard. Fierce, full of muscles and of little words other than “Ok? Go!” This class was intense. Not wasting any time, Richard had us dive right into burpees with weights, up and overs across a step, push-ups for days and many-many crunches. The class flew by, yet left me sore and wanting to come back for more!

Richard has options so I can safely recommend this workout to all fitness levels!

Making a Comeback: YES   No     Maybe

River North – 600 W. Chicago / Features

600 W. Chicago Ave. Chicago, IL 60654
312.836.9127 /
Mon. – Fri. 5:00 am to 11:00pm
Sat. – Sun. 7:00am to 8:00pm

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