A soft bed, warm sheets and a broken alarm clock are all things we’d like to enjoy during the winter months.  
With this past Monday infamously deemed “Blue Monday,” the year’s most depressing day, Clif Bar wanted to remind us to get up, get out, get that workout in and get healthy! Their Meet the Moment campaign shouts standing up to things that scare you. 2014 is not the year to stay at home! This is your year to be happier make things happen!

Lisa Payne Fitness hosted a Twitter chat this past #BlueMonday and our friends commonly said that cardio was their top blues buster. So here are five, five to ten minute cardio blasters to help brighten your day!


Photo by: Becky Stares. Shutterstock.com

1) 1-Minute Intervals

1min. – Speedskaters

1min. – High knees

1min. – Step ups on a chair

1min.- Jump squats

1min. Jumping jacks

2)   Tabata

Burpee for 20sec. with a 10sec. break.

Repeat eight times.

Hold 1min. plank

3)   Shape Magazine: Get Fit in Five Minutes Cardio Blast

4)   Dr. Oz: Fit in Five Cardio Workout

5)   Vital Juice: 10-Minute Total Body Workout from Lisa Payne Fitness

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