Every workout you do should be both mentally and physically challenging. Since your body should be actively changing every four to six weeks it’s absolutely imperative that you monitor the variety and intensity of each workout. It is based on this premise that I have created Try Fit Weekly Fit (#TryFitWeekly).

Each week I will try one new workout to complete, review and write about. The point of each review is not to become an informal Yelp, but instead to give you a firsthand account of my experience* trying new forms of training. Mixing up your training every week helps to combat boredom, helps you meet new people and keeps your body in a constant state of change. I want to encourage you to try your own Try Fit Weekly challenge and give me feedback based on your own experiences! Let’s get the ball rolling and watch our bodies change!


#1 Barre Bee Fit

Class: Barre Bee

Class description (per company website): “The original Barre Bee Fit class is a 60-minute full-body workout, targeting the arms, abdominals, thighs, and glutes and includes intermittent blasts of cardiovascular conditioning. The class is comprised of isometric holds, heavy repetition, and deep stretching in order to shape and lengthen muscles. Each class incorporates different props and equipment to aid in resistance and stretching. Barre Bee emphasizes working the muscles to fatigue to develop muscle stamina and endurance, while the cardio blasts ensure a complete and well-rounded workout.”


When Barre Bee Fit first came to town my friends were raving how this light weight, high repetition class made them sore for weeks! They talked about how shocked they were that such light weights could make them so sore. And the ballet barre? Major bum burner!

However, I must admit I was fairly disappointed. The class fit the description on a literal sense but was far less challenging than I had planned for. The instructor began class with enthusiasm but forgot to ask if anyone was new. Since I was new, I was hoping for a little advice about the right amount of weight to use and a short intro of what to expect for the hour.

Nevertheless, we dove right into a five-minute block of planks and push-ups followed by a stretch of equal length. I was surprised that we were stretching for so long when we hadn’t done very many exercises. We then got up and used the resistance band for triceps and a few shoulder exercises. I definitely liked the creative way the instructor had us do triceps extensions. But then we were back to stretching. The class continued with a few light cardio intervals and one barre exercise. I had really been looking forward to that bum burner and wanted more of the barre work!!

Based off this one experience, I would recommend this class to beginners or to anyone trying to slowly get back into exercise.

Making a Comeback: Yes      NO      Maybe

*Please consider that I regulary work out five to six days a week.

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