You may have heard that in order to lose weight, intake must equal outtake. So you bust your butt on the cardio machine or hit two fitness classes a day thinking you’re putting in the time, you should be leaner by now! This is how to lose weight…right? Not always. Try out these three tips if your workout schedule doesn’t seem to be cutting it:
#1 Take a day off…or two! You heard me! Working out six to seven days a week doesn’t leave time for your muscles to repair themselves. You keep exercising without at least one day off and you’re risking injury. Plus, sometimes the more you workout, the more you’ll eat post-workout than you would’ve had you taken that rest day!
#2 Trade a cardio/strength day for a mind-body day! Many of us overeat or have a few extra cocktails because we eat in response to stress or maybe even something exciting in our lives. How many times have you eaten out of your “save for emergency only” goody drawer at your desk after a stressful work meeting? What about at something fun like a baby shower or at a friend’s birthday party? Nevertheless, it might also be because your muscles are overworked or overtrained. If you’re sore and achy all the time, you might sometimes use food as a semi-aspirin. Yoga can open up tight joints, balance out your muscles and lower your stress level so you’ll be saying “Aaaahh!” instead of “Ouchhh!”
#3 Do what your friends are doing. Huh? Didn’t your mom always tell you to never be a follower? Try trading in your weekly workout program for your BFF’s for a week! See how a different series of workouts can challenge your body. On top of that, swap ipods! You’d be amazed how a new library of music can pep up your sweat-sessions!
Photo Credit: Peter Bernik.
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