When we hear the job title “Personal Trainer” we sometimes get it into our heads that “Personal Trainer” is somehow code for “Superhero.” However healthy and strong we personal trainers are, I’m afraid we too have our flaws. Somewhere in our society most people find security in knowing that there are experts out there who have all the answers. We want someone to lead us to better horizons when we ourselves do not have the answers. But when it comes down to it, even personal trainers sometimes have a hard time flawlessly maintaining complete physical and mental health.

When you have a desire to be a greater person in some way, shape or form, it can be hard finding out your role model isn’t perfect. It’s like finding out Santa Claus isn’t real. Luckily all is not lost. As a personal trainer and a true chocohalic, I can tell you that if we can do it, so can you. People who claim to have an impermeable diet and workout schedule probably have found out how to create balance in their lives as a whole. They have not only become master of the Stairclimber but they have become master of moderation. In order to find your own superhero-style balance, you should create an outlined plan that includes what works for you schedule-wise, what you have found you can eat and not eat, when and how you should work out and what your obstacles and emotional triggers are. The key to being able to have a slice of pizza and still maintain a healthy size is not just the physical workout you are given by your trainer. It’s the trainer workouts, what tips and resources they can give you to help tackle your weak spot(s) and the example they set with their own outlined plan.

Hearing that a trainer skips a workout here and there or that they have a few too many cocktails on the weekend, doesn’t mean that they are not a good trainer. In fact, it could very well mean you’ve found a successful trainer. Trainers who imbibe every now and then and can maintain their own health can set an example for those people who think a three-hour-a-day-workout and a liquid diet are their key to a size 4. We learn best from our own trial and error but knowing that someone else has found and continues to find true balance helps us to keep trying. Each day we get out of bed, we must keep ourselves accountable and keep learning how to live a healthy, happy and successful life. If we stop putting people and ideals on pedestals, we learn humility and we realize life is a constant learning process. We can learn from those around us and tweek our own ways to reaching an enriched life! Work with your trainer and learn how!

Photo Credits: Girl eating by Poulsons Photography and key by Gunnar Pippel.

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