1) How many calories are in one pound?

2) How many calories can one pound of muscle burn?

3) If I lift heavy, will I get bulky?

4) As a guy, do I have to do cardio since I want to gain weight?

                                                                                   5) How often do I need to buy new gym shoes?

1) 3,500 calories
2) You can burn 30-35 calories extra a day per pound of muscle you gain..
3) Women have roughly 5-10% testosterone of that of men. Woman don’t have enough of the hormone to have the same anabolic effects (increased muscle mass and bone density) that it does with men.
 4) Everyone needs cardio to sustain overall optimal fitness. Cardiovascular exercise helps reduce stress, helps you sleep better, increases circulation, and decreases your chance for heart disease and diabetes, among other diseases. However, if you’re afraid you’ll gain weight, increase your daily caloric intake.
5) Typically, every 300-500 miles or when the sole of your shoes become worn.

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