We’ve all had our moments. You get to the gym, realize you’ve forgotten your deodorant and blame any bad body odor on the person next to you. Or maybe you’ve dropped a weight in the weight room and it landed so loud the whole gym turned to look at you. But what about the things we can’t quite help? Here are three embarrassing “incidents” for girls and for guys. You decide who’s more apt to blunder at the gym.
#1) Exercise-Induced Incontinence: Overactive Bladder Syndrome affects some 34 million people but more commonly affects women. When you combine that with heavy exercise, you gan get quite the surprise when you suddenly stop running on the treadmill and start running to the bathroom instead. Sometimes holding your breath while lifting can cause pressure on your abdominal area causing things to “spill”. Not to worry. This condition is very common and can be reduced with kegel exercises and pilates.
#2)Exercise-Induced Pre- and Post-Natal Breast Tenderness and Mild Lactation: During and after pregnancy, women’s breasts are very tender. So much so, that it makes running or any fast-pace cardio difficult to do. Some women have even given up exercise altogether because of the pain and embarrassment of feeling like they have to literally hold their breasts to keep them from moving so much. Other women suffer from mild milk lactation during moderate-vigorous exercise. Thicker sports bras and/or pumping milk prior to exercise can relieve this milkshake of an inconvenience.
#3)I See London. I See France. I See That Girl’s Underpants: Ladies, please do yourself a favor, either try on your workout pants before you buy them or at least before you leave the house. When you have them on, bend over in front of a mirror. Certain fabrics-although black in color-become see-through when stretched during squats, leg raises, etc. If you’re wearing pink underwear or none at all, we will see it all.
#1) “Lift”-ing: The male erection can happen at any time, any place. But at the gym, sometimes things pop up even when you’ve got nothing on your mind but biceps and triceps. Lifting heavy weight and using the Valsalva maneuver (holding one’s breath), can create undo pressure and increase blood flow to the genitals. Even running on the treadmill in shorts can cause mild friction and arousal. Nevertheless, it could also be that you’re working out next to someone incredibly attractive and things well..happen. Either way, try breathing during heavy lifting or think of baseball.
#2)Yellow T-Shirts That Were Once White: Mom taught most of us how to do laundry. However, yellow sweat stains can be just as stubborn as you wanting to keep said shirt when it turns yellow. Try washing your T’s once with white vinegar and then again with regular detergent so you don’t go off to the gym smelling like a salad. If this doesn’t work, think about purchasing new workout apparel.
#3)Gassy Pants: You’ve got two huge plates on either side of the barbell and you’re in a full squat grunting like the hulk when another sound comes out of you. Flatulence is something we can’t always keep quiet, but what we eat before our workouts can help ward off pressure leaks later. We all know guys like to eat, but try to save foods heavy in fiber for after your workout. Also, eat with your mouth closed or try not drinking through a straw. Both can bring in extra air that eventually will need to be passed.
Photo Credits: Girl by Darrin Henry, Guy by Waschnig

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